As experts we manage properties as if they were our own

Property Management

2pm Management manage investment properties with meticulous care and attention.


2pm Management Limited have found that making a success of a managing investment properties in tenancy is a challenge that has to be met with diplomacy and attention, but above all, properly.

Property management requires time and commitment, with an understanding of the ever-changing, legal compliances that are required of landlords, combined with a sound understanding of all things ‘bricks and mortar’. Whilst property management should be mainly plain sailing, the consequences of landlords failing to comply correctly to a raft of Health & Safety and legal issues required by law, can be quite draconian in the very worst case scenarios. This is why savvy and absent landlords will look to the services of a trustworthy and accredited Managing Agent, such as 2pm Management Limited.

As specialists, we make it our business in the first instance, to attain a full understanding of the obligations of both the landlord and the tenant as set out under the terms of the tenancy agreement which bring the two together in the first place. Combine this with our welath of knowledge gained from the construction industry and both we and our clients think that we are a safe pair of hands.

Our Services

Property is one of the largest investments that landlords will make and therefore we will manage them accordingly, whilst demonstrating diplomacy with a balance with what is also the tenant’s home; something that understandably, they will be quite passionate about. So, we find that managing rented properties is a two-way-street. It’s not just about what landlords expect from their tenants, but also about what tenants expect from their landlords. Moreover, property management is as much a people business as it is a property business and the people that landlords do business with are their tenants. So, by looking out for your tenants, they will probably do so back to your property, in kind.

Whether your investment property is a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) or a single-let, or as part of a portfolio of properties, please contact us for further details of our management packages.


We realise that many landlords and investors just cannot physically devote enough of their own time and resources into running their letting business properly.

Many live much to far away, or even abroad, to effectively manage their investments, whilst many just want to relax and not get distracted by the legal complexities and the awkward confrontations that often comes with rental property management.

However, as your local management specialists, we will always be here on your behalf, on a day-to-day basis.